Notice of Requirement lodged

We have now lodged Notice of Requirement documentation with Auckland Council to protect the land we need for future North West Auckland projects.

Future Rapid Transit Corridor

Fast, frequent and high-capacity travel along a dedicated corridor

Feedback closed on 20 June 2022

Feedback on the station locations for the Rapid Transit as part of the North West Auckland's transport future has now closed. Thank you to everyone who had their say.

View a summary of the feedback we received.

You strongly supported the creation of new and improved public transport corridors to reduce congestion and provide low-carbon ways to move around. Some suggested the proposed Rapid Transit Corridor (RTC) should extend towards Waimauku, while others said the existing rail line from Waimauku, Huapai and Kumeū should be used to provide a future passenger rail service. Using the existing rail line isn’t currently viable as outlined in this information sheet.

We want to make sure we're investing wisely in transport modes for the North West, so as part of the approved Detailed Business Case we’ve investigated in detail a number of options for the rapid transit corridor alignment between the proposed new Brigham Creek Interchange and Kumeū-Huapai. The approved option is a RTC running centrally through Kumeū-Huapai to integrate with Auckland Council’s land use plans to expand the existing Kumeū town centre and a planned future local centre in Huapai.

A future RTC will give people a fast, frequent, and reliable way to go about their day. High-capacity public transport services will travel along a dedicated corridor separated from general traffic and free from road congestion - like the Northern Busway on the Northern Motorway (SH1). It will connect future residents to their city and help the North West grow in a way that is orientated around a sustainable transport network.

As north west suburbs develop and grow, the future RTC will:

  • Move large numbers of people efficiently along the busiest routes between Kumeū-Huapai and Westgate to connect to the city centre and beyond.
  • Provide a fast and reliable travel option so people don’t need to rely on cars for longer-distance journeys.
  • Act as a key connection to help more people access the wider Auckland public transport network (trains, dedicated busways, and future light rail) to travel around the rest of the Auckland region (north, central and south).
  • Provide a direct and uninterrupted route for people travelling on the regional active mode corridor from the expanded Kumeū-Huapai area. The corridor will safely separate people biking and walking from the road and vehicles - it won’t cross any driveways or intersections through the regional active mode corridor.

From the new interchange at Brigham Creek, the rapid transit corridor will follow the same corridor as the new Alternative State Highway and the new walking and cycling corridor. Where it meets the existing North Auckland Rail line, the rapid transit corridor will split from the Alternative State Highway and head north following the rail line to the Kumeū-Huapai town centre. Two stations will be located along the route, one at Huapai and one just west of the Kumeū town centre. Dedicated pedestrian and cycle facilities will improve active mode access through the Kumeū-Huapai centre.

This proposed route provides:

  • Greater patronage and shorter travel times. In the future, there will be a larger population surrounding the rapid transit corridor than the existing rail line.
  • Faster connections for those travelling from Kumeū-Huapai to high demand destinations such as the Westgate area and the city centre to access employment, education and recreation, as well as the ability to connect from the new Westgate interchange to access the North Shore rapid transit network.
  • Opportunities for urban renewal through the Kumeū town centre in line with the Kumeū- Huapai Centre Plan which has as its aim to create an attractive town centre that focuses on the river, has improved connections, and celebrates its heritage and rural hinterland.

Proposed station locations

  • The Huapai station will allow people from much further afield (Muriwai, Waimaukau, Helensville etc) to drive to the RTC, whilst also providing walking, cycling and local bus connectivity for local residents.
  • A station located near the Kumeū town centre will integrate with the rest of the transport network making it easy for people to access the station by all types of transport – public transport, walk, bike, scoot, or drive

What's happening now?

We have lodged Notice of Requirement documentation with Auckland Council to protect the land we need for future transport projects in the North West.

The Detailed Business Case for the North West recommends that some local roads should be progressed by Auckland Transport at a later stage, rather than through this Notice of Requirement (designation) process.

This means upgrades to Nixon Road, Riverhead Road, Station Road and Northside Drive will be considered as part of Auckland Transport’s regular Regional Land Transport Plan process.

Public submissions are anticipated to open at the end of February 2023. We will advise the dates closer to the time and Auckland Council will confirm this in writing to landowners and other interested parties.