Ideas and options for the future transport network in southern growth areas

Feeback open during 2018

During 2018, we asked for feedback on ideas and options for the future transport network in Auckland’s southern growth areas. We talked to the community, Manawhenua, transport stakeholders and local boards. We held public open days, meetings and hui, and received both written and verbal feedback.

Summary of feedback

  • An overall recognition that transport planning is needed now in advance of future urban growth
  • There was strong support for public transport to be at the heart of future improvements, provided it has fast, frequent services
  • Most people supported upgrades to the passenger rail network, including express services, electrification, additional track(s) and additional rail stations. There is interest in a supporting Rapid Transit Network (RTN) if it connects to other key destinations and works in well with the rail network
  • People are concerned about safety, and would like more Park and Ride facilities and walking and cycling connections to public transport stations
  • There was support for the programme’s aim of futureproofing a range of strategic road and highway upgrades, but many people also suggested prioritising public transport and rail improvements, including dedicated lanes for public transport and walking and cycling
  • Many people would like priority given in the short term to existing congestion and safety issues.

How we used your feedback

Feedback was used alongside safety, environmental, traffic and technical data to help shape an indicative strategic transport network for South Auckland’s growth areas, which was released in 2019.