Ideas and options for the future transport network in Dairy Flat, Silverdale and Wainui

Feedback open during 2018

During 2018, we asked for feedback on ideas and options for the future transport network in Dairy Flat, Silverdale and Wainui. We talked to the community, Manawhenua, transport stakeholders and local boards. We held public open days, meetings and hui, and received both written and verbal feedback.

Feedback summary

  • An overall recognition that transport planning is needed now in advance of future urban growth
  • High value place on having access to a range of travel choice to get to places in Warkworth as well as travel outside of the area, such as the Auckland CBD
  • Strong support for bus services in Warkworth for local trips and for commuters, mostly travelling to North and Central Auckland
  • Services must be reliable, easily accessible to people in the Warkworth area and wider settlements (such as Algies Bay, Matakana and Sandspit) via all modes including walking and cycling
  • Improvements are required for some existing roads in Warkworth so they can cater for future growth. New and upgraded arterial connections should be safe, provide travel choice and reduce traffic through existing urban areas
  • There is a significant opportunity for walking and cycling to be a primary way people to get to where they need to go in Warkworth. However, consideration should be given to the hilly topography and providing safe and separated facilities. There was support for a strategic walking and cycling route along the Mahurangi River
  • There was a range of views about how to urbanise the existing SH1 through the town centre in the future, and strong interest in how it could link into other major roads and the Ara-Tūhono Pūhoi to Warkworth motorway.

How we used your feedback

Feedback was used alongside safety, environmental, traffic and technical data to help shape an indicative strategic transport network for Warkworth’s growth areas, which was released in 2019.