Future improvements for State Highway 1

Over the next 30 or more years urban growth will mean that North Auckland will need a range of new and improved transport choices to help new communities move around.

We’re planning now because it’s important to protect the land needed to build new transport connections over the next three decades as urban development occurs.

Future improvements to State Highway 1 (SH1) between Albany and Silverdale are proposed to help support future urban growth in North Auckland. A range of future upgrades will improve safety, access and capacity for public transport, walking and cycling, private vehicles and freight.

We’re proposing a range of long-term improvements:

  • A new walking and cycling path along SH1 to help future communities move around by active, low-carbon travel options, and access public transport services.
  • Interim bus lanes on SH1 from Albany to Silverdale to increase efficiency of the public transport network (before the rapid transit corridor from Albany to Milldale via Dairy Flat is in place).
  • Upgrades to the Redvale interchange (currently being constructed as part of the Penlink project) to help provide connections to and from SH1.
  • A new interchange at Wilks Road will improve access to the future Silverdale West industrial area.
  • Upgrades to the Silverdale interchange will improve safety, accommodate new walking and cycling connections and improve traffic flow from east to west.

These future improvements for SH1 are yet to be prioritised for funding with construction expected around the next 10 to 30+ years.

Why do we need these improvements?

North Auckland is growing fast. Areas identified for future urban growth in Silverdale, Dairy Flat, Wainui and Ōrewa are expected to accommodate 41,000 new homes, 22,000 jobs and 110,000 new residents in the future. This means that the total population could grow to more than three times the existing population.

Current and future communities need new and improved transport infrastructure to make travel safer, easier and more sustainable. We’re planning ahead to ensure that essential transport infrastructure can take place alongside growth and development in the future.

SH1 plays an important role in the north and regionally, connecting freight and people from the city centre to the northern areas of Auckland and beyond. Upgrades along this key section of SH1 will improve safety, increase access to key destinations, provide more sustainable travel choices, and greater capacity to support planned growth in Silverdale, Wainui, Dairy Flat, Ōrewa and the wider Hibiscus Coast over the next three decades.


  • Upgrades at interchanges to improve safety and connections.
  • New or improved crossings over SH1.
  • Extra connections to access key destinations.
  • Additional public transport services to improve access to the wider public transport network and encourage a shift to low-carbon travel alternatives.
  • Additional space on SH1 to respond to an increase in travel demand in the long term.

What are we proposing?

In the future, SH1 will be widened to three lanes in each direction between Lonely Track Road and the Silverdale interchange. In the interim the additional lane will be used for public transport until the new Rapid Transit Corridor is constructed. In the long term, this additional lane could be used for public transport, high occupancy vehicles or freight.

We’re proposing to provide three lanes in each direction between Albany and Silverdale – we’re proposing to widen:

  • To the east side of SH1 from Lonely Track Road Bridge to near Awanohi Road.
  • On both sides of SH1 from near Awanohi Road to Bawden Road.
  • On both sides of SH1 from Bawden Road to Silverdale interchange.

There is no need to widen the section of the motorway between Albany (Oteha Valley Road) and Lonely Track Bridge on SH1 as there are already three lanes in each direction.


  • Improved safety between Albany and the Silverdale interchange.
  • Three lanes in each direction – to support increased transport demand, such as high occupancy vehicles and freight or for public transport.
  • Interim bus priority lanes will improve public transport reliability for the Northern Express.
  • Additional lanes will provide flexibility to respond to changes in travel demand and manage the movement of people, services and good more efficiently.

What could it look like?

With the additional lanes being used as dedicated interim bus lanes, the motorway could look like this: (click on image to enlarge)

Cross section is indicative only

In the future, the new rapid transit corridor, new SH1 walking and cycleway path and additional lane will share the same corridor between Albany and Bawden Road (where the rapid transit corridor will divert into the Dairy Flat future urban area).

The Penlink project (currently being delivered by Waka Kotahi NZ Transport Agency) will provide a new two-lane transport link which will connect the Whangaparāoa Peninsula to State Highway 1. The project provides connection to SH1 with south facing ramps only (connection to and from the south). A future upgrade of this interchange is proposed to provide connections to and from the north. The upgraded Redvale interchange will work with Penlink to open up the area, improve connections to Dairy Flat and Silverdale, and support public transport and walking and cycling along these corridors.

In the future, a new interchange at Wilks Road with south facing ramps will provide access between the Silverdale West Dairy Flat future industrial area and SH1, including freight from future industrial land uses.


  • Safe, well-connected interchanges will be designed to accommodate walking and cycling, public transport and general traffic.
  • Direct connection to Penlink, opening up access to/from the Whangaparāoa Peninsula.
  • Improved access for Redvale, Dairy Flat and Silverdale.
  • Provide industrial traffic with a direct connection between the Silverdale West Dairy Flat future industrial area and SH1.

In the future, the existing Silverdale interchange will be upgraded to make the interchange safer and operate more efficiently.

We’re proposing an additional bridge to cater for more people wanting to travel through the interchange, a new walking and cycling connection to provide a safe crossing over SH1 from east to west, and safety improvements at intersections.

These future upgrades will support the growth of communities by providing better access and improving local connections and transport choices.


  • A separated walking and cycling path through the interchange from north to south as part of the SH1 Albany to Grand Drive cycleway
  • Safer intersections
  • New walking and cycling facilities will allow people travelling on foot or by bike to cross safely over SH1 from east to west (both directions).
  • A second westbound lane will improve traffic flow for east west movements through the interchange.

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