New train stations for Drury and Paerata

Where are we now? Where are we heading

Community feedback was an important part of getting to where we are now. Your feedback and local knowledge, along with technical investigations, gave KiwiRail more information to develop the station designs in more detail.

The project has now moved into the next phase. The Government, through the New Zealand Upgrade Programme has provided funding for the three new train stations between Papakura and Pukekohe.

Planning approvals were granted for Paerātā and Drury Central railway stations in early 2022 and planning approvals are currently being sought for Ngākōroa (Drury West) railway station.

Construction on Drury Central and Paerātā stations is expected to get underway in late 2023 or early 2024 and be finished in 2025.

KiwiRail’s intention is to build as much as possible in parallel with the project to electrify between Papakura to Pukekohe.

Previous consultation 15 February–26 March 2021

We asked for your feedback on the new train stations for Drury and Paerata. We wanted to know what you thought about the facilities we're proposing for each of the stations – things like bus connections, park and rides, walking and cycling paths and ways to access the stations.

Summary of feedback

We received:

  • 197 pieces of feedback
  • 123 comments on the Supporting Growth Social Pinpoint page
  • 76 surveys completed

Key feedback themes

  • Significant support for all three new stations
  • Strong desire for active transport connections (especially safe walking and cycling paths)
  • Concerns about large park and ride facilities, many would like to see the land used for housing instead of car parking
  • Strong support for new and improved public transport options to access the rail network fro commuting to/from work
  • Less support for the location of Paerata Station, some would prefer to access the station from Paerata Rise side of the rail line closer to