Where are we now? Where are we heading?

The North Detailed Business Case was completed in mid-2023 and has been approved by the Auckland Transport and Waka Kotahi Boards.

Following this, Notices of Requirement to protect the land we need in the future were lodged with Auckland Council. This is the first step in an Auckland Council led statutory process that will provide greater certainty for the community and landowners.

In November 2023, Auckland Council publicly notified the Notices of Requirements where property owners and other community members can make a submission and to be heard at a hearing if they choose, as part of a decision making process. The hearing is scheduled for 17 June to 4 July 2024. A decision on whether the Notices of Requirement will be confirmed won’t be made until after the hearing. 

The majority of these projects are yet to be funded for delivery. It is anticipated they will be considered for funding in line with the long-term timeframes for the rezoning and release of land by Auckland Council.

Our planning work will integrate with Auckland Council’s land use plans including the draft Spatial Land Use Strategy for Dairy Flat and Silverdale and the Silverdale West Dairy Flat Industrial Area Structure Plan to support future growth for these areas.

Auckland Council also consulted on their Future Development Strategy (FDS) from 6 June 2023 to 31 July 2023. The FDS aims to provide long term guidance on how the Council plans for the location and timing of urban development and the timing and sequencing of infrastructure to support development. The FDS seeks to provide a long-term strategy for growth that responds to factors such as climate change and natural hazards.

Our decision to lodge is aligned with Auckland Councils officers’ recommendation on the FDS to retain Future Urban Zoning (FUZ) in North Auckland. Read more about the Future Development Strategy (FDS).

The public hearing and appeals process

Auckland Council will make a recommendation as to whether or not the designation should be confirmed in the Auckland Unitary Plan (with or without modification to the conditions) or be withdrawn. The timeline for when Auckland Council make their recommendation is unknown. The requiring authorities (Auckland Transport or NZ Transport Agency Waka Kotahi) make the final decision 30 working days after receiving the recommendation.

There will be an opportunity for any submitter to appeal the requiring authorities decision. Appeals are lodged with the Environment Court.

North Auckland Timeline

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About North Auckland

Silverdale, Dairy Flat, Wainui and Ōrewa are growing fast. The areas of land zoned for future growth are expected to accommodate 41,000 new homes and more than 600 hectares of new business land will be developed. 

To support future urban growth, a well-designed integrated transport network for North Auckland is needed. We’re proposing long-term transport projects to help everyone move around safely, easily and sustainably, whether they’re walking, cycling, using public transport or driving.

To guide our planning, Auckland Transport and Waka Kotahi NZ Transport Agency outlined a long-term strategic transport network in 2019. It was developed with community consultation and contains options for local and longer distance trips to create a low-carbon transport system for North Auckland. Since then, the project team has investigated and developed a number of preferred options.

Key features of the long-term transport network for North Auckland:  

  • Improved access to jobs and social facilities 
  • Reliable access for the movement of people and goods 
  • Provide travel choices to encourage a shift to active modes (walking and cycling) and public transport
  • Provide a safe transport system for all users
  • Ensure the transport network is well integrated with the land use. 

We’re working with Auckland Council to integrate our transport planning with Auckland Council’s land use aspirations for the Future Urban Zone (including the Silverdale West Dairy Flat Industrial Area Structure Plan and a future Dairy Flat metropolitan/town centre to create high-quality and more compact future communities with greater access to walking, cycling and public transport choices.)

What long-term projects are we proposing?

Notices of Requirement have been lodged to protect land for the following future strategic transport projects:

  • A new Rapid Transit Corridor (RTC) between Albany and Milldale, including new walking and cycling path
  • New stations at Milldale and Pine Valley East with associated facilities. The RTC will provide the opportunity for future stations once more detailed planning of the future urban area has been undertaken. 
  • Improvements to State Highway 1 (SH1) between Albany and Ōrewa
  • New SH1 crossing at Dairy Stream – providing a new east-west crossing of SH1
  • New connection between Milldale and Grand Drive  
  • Upgrade to Pine Valley Road between the rural urban boundary and Argent Lane 
  • Upgrade to Dairy Flat Highway between Silverdale and Dairy Flat  
  • Upgrade to Dairy Flat Highway between Dairy Flat and Albany 
  • Upgrade to Wainui Road between Lysnar Road and SH1.  
  • New connection between Dairy Flat Highway and Wilks Road 
  • Upgrade and extension to Bawden Road 
  • Upgrade to East Coast Road between Silverdale and Ō Mahurangi Penlink (Redvale) Interchange 

North Auckland Strategic Transport Network Map

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