Ponga Road & Opaheke Road: Designation 1837 - NoR D5 (Designation 1837)

The Ponga Road and Ōpāheke Road Upgrade is Designation 1837 in the Auckland Unitary Plan. This Project includes:

  • Widening of Ponga Road from Ōpāheke Road to Jack Paterson Road, to a two-lane urban arterial with separated active transport facilities.
  • Widening of Ōpāheke Road from the extent of the Future Urban Zone in the north to Ponga Road in the south to a two-lane urban arterial with separated active transport facilities.
  • Upgrade of Ōpāheke Road/ Settlement Road intersection to a roundabout with active transport facilities, including crossing facilities.

The Project has been separated into three sections:

  • Ponga Road Upgrade: from Ōpāheke Road to Jack Paterson Road
  • Ōpāheke Road Rural Upgrade: from the northern extent of the Future Urban Zone to Ponga Road
  • Ōpāheke Road Urban Upgrade: north of the Future Urban Zone

This project will provide a transport corridor that improves connectivity to and through Ōpāheke to support and integrate with the urban growth in Ōpāheke.

What is this projects:

The Drury Arterial Network will provide more direct connectivity across the south to link areas of residential development with the existing and planned centres, the Drury Central Rail station and local employment opportunities, and to also form part of the southern FTN. This will enable significant positive effects on the community to the community in which it will operate (existing and future).

  • Reducing property impacts resulting in less land acquisition
  • Reducing impact on mature trees on the northern side of the road corridor which contribute to ecological, heritage and amenity values
  • Supporting the imminent urbanisation in the Ōpāheke - Drury future growth area.

Project status and anticipated construction timeframes

There is currently no funding for detailed design or construction of this project. We anticipate the project will be delivered sometime within the next 20 years in line with Auckland Council's land release strategy.

Conditions on the designation

To see the conditions on the designation please click the link here.

Information for landowners within the designation

What is a designation?

A designation is a provision made in a district plan to give effect to a requirement made by a requiring authority (in this case AT) for a project or work.

A designation authorises AT to undertake the project or work on a specific site/route, as well as any other area where the restriction is necessary for the safe or efficient functioning or operation of the project or work. Designations form part of any relevant district plans and authorise the associated land use activities specified in the designation. Separate regional consents may still be required to authorise works.

Designations have two primary functions:

  • To allow the proposed public work to be carried out in accordance with the purpose and conditions of the designation.
  • To protect the land from activities that may compromise the proposed public work, by either preventing or hindering the work from taking place.

For more information about what it means to have a designation on your property you can view or download our landowner guide here.

What will happen to the directly affected properties?

Because there is no funding for detailed design or construction of this project, Auckland Transport is not wishing to purchase any property at the moment. This means landowners can continue to use their properties as they do now.

Can I carry out works on my property if it’s designated?

If you are planning works in your property, such as residential or commercial development, you may need approval from Auckland Transport before you can undertake the works. Please contact Auckland Transport using the contact details below to discuss any development you would like to do on your property. Check the information from the link here.

When will Auckland Transport purchase the designated area of land?

Auckland Transport normally only seeks to acquire land when it is actually required for works and this is generally around 2 years prior to construction starting.

What does the designation mean for business owners and operators and occupiers of properties within the designation?

A designation can impact business owners and operators and occupiers of properties in a similar way to landowners, depending on how the property is used. Check with the property owner to find out whether you need approval to make any changes to the way you use the property.

Where can I get support?

If you are a landowner and feeling anxious about the designation or the Project, you can contact us to access free, confidential services. Alternatively, you can access services at one of the following services.

  • Anxiety Helpline – 0800 269 4389 (0800 ANXIETY) for people with all forms of anxiety and families and friends.

  • Rural Support – 0800 787 252 for people in rural communities dealing with challenges.

There are also resources available at https://mentalhealth.org.nz/