Where are we now? Where are we heading?

The proposed future transport network in and around this area was updated following feedback from community consultation and our ongoing technical investigations. We understand that for some people, a change may be welcomed, but for others, this will be unforeseen and could result in an unexpected potential impact to their property.

We will be contacting all landowners potentially impacted by the proposed transport network for Pukekohe-Paerata and south Drury. We will contact landowners in May 2023 and offer to organise meeting with representatives from the project team. At these meetings, we will talk with landowners and help provide more certainty about possible property impacts and the Notice of Requirement process.

The Pukekohe Detailed Business Case process is expected to be completed later this year and scheduled for consideration by the Auckland Transport and Waka Kotahi NZ Transport Agency Boards in mid to late 2023.

We expect to lodge the Notices of Requirement to designate the land required for projects in late 2023.

What did you tell us during recent community consultation?

  • You supported

    Improved connections and a ‘ring route’ to provide alternative routes that will assist in removing general through traffic and freight from the Pukekohe town centre, an upgrade to Mill Road (Bombay) and Pukekohe East Road, and an alternative route for users to connect new and existing residential areas as growth occurs.

  • You didn't support

    The proposed North East Arterial route alignment presented during the consultation period.

  • Concern was raised

    By the growing and agriculture sectors that the proposed routes would not be suitable for freight and heavy vehicle traffic.

What changed following further assessment and public feedback?

During public consultation, we heard that you opposed the proposed North East Arterial option, specifically, the section proposed to upgrade Grace James Road.

As a result of ongoing assessment and the feedback we received during consultation, we have made changes to the proposed North East Arterial alignment. The proposed alignment is now:

  • Sitting away from the Future Urban Zone. This is similar to a route identified in the Pukekohe-Paerata Structure Plan 2019.
  • A more easterly alignment in the southern section at the intersection of Pukekohe East Road.

This map shows the full transport network and the revised alignment for the North East Arterial.

This map shows the full transport network and the revised alignment for the North East Arterial.

Investigating various routes/alignments that could make up the proposed transport network is part of the process leading to lodging Notices of Requirement. Changes to initial proposals and options can occur as a result of additional investigations, further assessment, and public engagement.

The North East Arterial alignment was revised for a number of reasons including:

  • Our additional work shows that it directly connects the proposed Paerata and western arterials.
  • Community and stakeholder feedback during consultation.
  • Further assessment indicates that the revised alignment will be more direct and will be used more by general traffic, including freight.
  • For the southern section of the revised alignment (which now has a more easterly route), there are reduced impacts on ecologically significant areas compared to other options. It integrates better with future urban development on the eastern side (closer to Runciman Road).

In summary, the value of the North East Arterial route to the overall transport network for Pukekohe-Paerata and south Drury increases with these changes.

The Notice of Requirement Process

Select the image below to view a larger version, or download a copy here.

Graphic showing the process for Notice of Requirement

The Notice of Requirement process

The public hearing and appeals process

A public hearing will be held where the requiring authority (Waka Kotahi NZ Transport Agency and/ or Auckland Transport) and all submitters are able to be heard. Auckland Council will make a recommendation as to whether or not the designation should be confirmed in the Auckland Unitary Plan (with or without modification to the conditions) or be withdrawn.

There will be an opportunity for any submitter to appeal Auckland Council’s decision. Appeals are lodged with the Environment Court. Auckland Council will contact you directly and invite you to make a submission on the proposed designation. Included in this this information will be details on how you can request a ‘Friend of the Submitter’, an independent planner appointed by Auckland Council to help you with:

  • Completing submission documents correctly
  • Understanding the process
  • Bringing people with common interests together for the purpose of group representation and mutual assistance
  • Advise on where information on the proposal can be found, and how the information is structured.