Engagement Summary

Between 8 March and 10 May 2023, we spoke with locals, community groups, stakeholders and landowners about the frequent transit networks (FTN) routes proposed on Great South Road and around Takaanini. We wanted to hear people’s thoughts, and get their feedback on our proposals.

We are working to protect the land needed for future bus routes that will be required over the next 10 to 30 years. The FTN bus routes will be built as growth happens and as funding becomes available. This may not be for some time, perhaps decades.

Over the next 12-18 months the land required for the new FTN bus networks will be designated so that they can be built when the population increases.

The two proposed FTN routes (most likely for buses) are:

Key themes from our engagement

What you told us and what we're doing
  • Support for the proposed FTN Routes

    You support the proposed FTN routes and want to see public transport getting people where they want to go faster and more efficiently.

    You also want to see more reliable and frequent public transport.

    Our planning proposes dedicated bus lanes on sections along both routes. We are also proposing improvements like bus advance signals at intersections.

    We are proposing FTN routes. This means that buses would run at least every 15 minutes in both directions, between 7am and 7 pm, 7 days a week.

  • Support for separation

    You want safe walking and cycling infrastructure that is separated from public transport and general traffic.

    Our concept plans show dedicated active mode facilities that are separated from public transport and general traffic, including freight.

    We will continue our work planning for dedicated active mode infrastructure to make Tāmaki Makaurau safer and more accessible for people travelling on foot and on bikes.

  • Value the strategic freight network

    The Freight Working Group and NZ Heavy Haulage Association reminded us that the proposed FTN on Great South Road is also an important strategic network for freight.

    We will continue to plan the Great South Road FTN while acknowledging the importance of this road as a strategic freight route.

  • Consider the Takaanini retail hub/town centre

    You told us that the Takaanini rail station and Takaanini town centre need to be integrated into the proposed FTN route using Arion Road.

    We are working with Auckland Transport’s Metro team so they can connect with those of you who gave this feedback.

How did we engage with you?

Our engagement included communication with the wider community, partners, key stakeholders and elected members. Our engagement included:

  • A community flyer-drop to 8,000 households and businesses along the proposed FTN routes
  • Twice monthly hui with Manawhenua
  • Engaged with 28 local schools in the area about proposed the FTN routes
  • Engaged with advocacy groups and business associations
  • A print, social and radio campaign using ethnic and community-based media
  • Attendance at seven public open days and local events (where we spoke with over 200 people
  • Email campaigns to our southern stakeholder database (over 2000 stakeholders)
  • Three targeted online surveys receiving 1,300 responses to survey questions from:
    • Auckland Council's People's Panel
    • Local schools (28) and the Manukau Institute of Technology
    • Our online platform

What did we ask you?

Where are we heading?

We continue to undertake environmental and technical assessments and thank landowners for working with us to further our investigations.

These investigations will help us to confirm the preferred option, which we will communicate with the community over the coming months. As we move through this important step, we will continue to engage with partners (including Manawhenua), the community, property owners, developers, and other key stakeholders.

We are working towards lodging our Notice of Requirement (NoR) with Auckland Council in late 2023 to protect the land we need for the FTN routes.