Where are we now? Where are we heading?

The Warkworth Business Case process was completed at the end of 2022 and has been approved by the Auckland Transport and Waka Kotahi Boards.

We have finalised the Notice of Requirement documentation which was lodged with Auckland Council in May 2023.

Auckland Council publicly notified the Notices of Requirement in June 2023 and submissions closed in July 2023. A public hearing will take place in November 2023 where submitters if they choose, as part of a decision making process.

The majority of these projects are yet to be funded for delivery. It is anticipated they will be considered for funding in line with the long-term timeframes for the rezoning and release of land by Auckland Council.

The Notice of Requirement Process

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Graphic showing the process for Notice of Requirement

The Notice of Requirement process

The public hearing and appeals process

A public hearing will be held where the requiring authority (Waka Kotahi NZ Transport Agency and/or Auckland Transport) and all submitters are able to be heard. Auckland Council will make a recommendation as to whether or not the designation should be confirmed in the Auckland Unitary Plan (with or without modification to the conditions) or be withdrawn.

There will be an opportunity for any submitter to appeal Auckland Council’s decision. Appeals are lodged with the Environment Court. Auckland Council will contact you directly and invite you to make a submission on the proposed designation.

How have we used your feedback so far?

Community feedback has helped us to develop business cases and identify route options.

In 2019 we prepared an Indicative Business Case (IBC) for the future transport network for Warkworth.  The resulting indicative strategic network  took account of the views of the community, which included having greater transport choices with good walking and cycling facilities and frequent, reliable public transport.

In 2020 we started work on the Warkworth Detailed Business Case which included reviewing the IBC network and completing further technical assessments to provide more detail and inform future route protection work.

From April to June 2022  we consulted on these refined route proposals with community and landowners to help us develop our Detailed Business Case. This feedback was considered alongside more environmental and technical assessments to help us make decisions around the preferred options. This resulted in some shifts to the alignment of the new transport corridors to better respond to existing and future land use and avoid environmental features.