Preferred Strategic Transport Network for North Auckland

Between 11 July and 19 August 2022, we spoke to potentially affected landowners and the community on the preferred strategic transport network for North Auckland. We sought feedback on whether there was anything else we needed to consider in identifying the preferred routes.

How you had your say

Sentiment towards route protection in the North Auckland growth area

Graph showing the results of the survey question

What you told us and how we will respond

Walking & Cycling

You expressed support for separated facilities for walking and cycling.

  • We will continue with our design principle of separated walking and cycling facilities where appropriate.

You said it is important that provision for walking and cycling does not compromise the RTC.

  • Our design principle is for all walking and cycling facilities to be separated from the RTC.

You support the Dairy Stream path.

  • We will further develop this project and include it in our Detailed Business Case.

You requested walking and cycling facilities to Ōrewa and Hibiscus Coast.

  • We are including walking and cycling facilities from Silverdale along Hibiscus Coast Highway and Grand Drive in the Detailed Business Case. There is also a walking and cycling path between Albany and Grand Drive, Ōrewa along SH1.

Improvements for SH1

You showed support for the proposed SH1 improvements, additional lanes on SH1 and for upgrading the Silverdale Interchange.

  • We will continue to progress these projects and are seeking to protect the land required to develop them in the future.

You felt that the Wilks Road interchange should also have north-facing ramps.

  • This was considered at the IBC stage. Investigations showed that one additional set of north facing ramps would service demand and that these would be most effective at the Redvale Interchange.

You also feel that a loop ramp at Wilks Road is not suitable due to the steep terrain.

  • We will undertake further options assessment to investigate the viability of the loop ramp.

You want us to avoid impacting the bush around Lonely Track Rd and SH1.

  • Our project team has considered numerous options in this location. They have considered impacts on ecological areas in identifying the emerging preferred option. The next phase of the project will look to avoid, remedy and mitigate effects in more detail.

Future road upgrades

You showed support for the inclusion of bus lanes on upgraded corridors including around the O Mahurangi-Penlink Interchange.

  • We will consider the needs of buses in the design of the Redvale Interchange and pass on your comments about the O Mahurangi-Penlink Interchange to Waka Kotahi (the organisation responsible for delivering this project).

You want a roundabout at the intersection of Dairy Flat Highway and Postman Road.

  • The long-term nature of our work means there is flexibility to accommodate the appropriate intersection at the time, which could be a roundabout.

You said Bawden Road should be realigned as sharp corners are unsafe and the proposed interchange will increase traffic on this road.

  • We will consider this as we progress our work on the draft designation boundaries.

You want implementation of the Wilks Road interchange to be brought forward and for Kahikatea Flat Road to be upgraded as it approaches Dairy Flat Highway.

  • We will continue to work towards route protection so that Wilks Road interchange can be implemented when funding is available.
  • We will consider future upgrades to Kahikatea Flat Road as it approaches the Dairy Flat Highway intersection.

You want us to consider noise mitigation on Bawden Road due to an increase in traffic.

  • We will consider noise effects and mitigation in more detail in the next phase of the project.