Notice of Requirement lodged

We have now lodged Notice of Requirement documentation with Auckland Council to protect the land we need for future Warkworth projects.

Planning Warkworth's transport future

Person walking dog in Warkworth centre

Over the next 30 years there will be another 8,200 homes in Warkworth’s future growth areas, 4,600 new jobs, and 17,100 additional people.

To support Warkworth’s growth, Te Tupu Ngātahi Supporting Growth is planning a long-term transport network so that current and future communities can have better access to safe, accessible and low-carbon transport choices.

Our focus is on planning for future growth now by protecting the land required for the new transport corridors before homes and communities are built.

Our transport planning integrates with Auckland Council’s Warkworth Structure Plan to create high quality and more compact future communities with greater access to active and public transport options for north, south and north-east Warkworth. We have also considered how these projects will integrate with other priority projects such as the Ara TūhonoPūhoi to Warkworth Motorway, Te Honohono ki Tai - Matakana Link Road, the Hill Street Improvements and other transport upgrades delivered by the Rodney Local Board.

The majority of the proposed projects are yet to be funded for delivery. It is anticipated they will be considered for funding in line with the long-term timeframes for the rezoning and release of land by Auckland Council over the next 10-30 years..

What are we proposing?

The preferred transport network to accommodate future growth in Warkworth includes:

  • Provision for walking and cycling paths on new and upgraded transport corridors to create a well-connected network and provide better access to sustainable travel choices
  • In the long term, two new bus interchanges - a northern bus interchange with park and ride to replace the interim site and a southern bus interchange to encourage a shift to public transport.
  • In the long term, a new southern interchangeto provide additional access to Ara Tūhono – the Pūhoi to Warkworth motorway
  • Future new transport corridors that will connect to wider destinations, enable future land uses, provide more choice for users and add further capacity across the network
  • Future upgrades to several roads, including the existing State Highway 1, which will function as an urban arterial road (as Ara Tūhono – the Pūhoi to Warkworth motorway will become the new State Highway 1)