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Takaanini Frequent Transit Network (FTN) Route

An FTN bus route is proposed between Drury (Drury West train station) and Manurewa train station. The route is being planned to provide bus services which will give the community access to the Drury train stations, Papakura Train Station and Manurewa Train Station.

The section of the route through Takaanini, will serve the Takaanini Future Urban Zone (the yellow sections on the map at the bottom of this page) and the existing residential areas around Takaanini.

Typically, FTN bus routes operate with a 15-minute or greater bus frequency, making them efficient, direct, and attractive to users.

While we don’t know exactly how the road layout will look quite yet, we are proposing new bus lanes for large sections of the network. This will mean bus passengers will enjoy a faster and more direct journey. Walking and cycling improvements will mean that people will have more options about how they travel for some or all of their journey.

The FTN route will connect with the rail network, giving people greater access to the places they want to go, like home, school, work, and recreational activities.

Grove Road, Takaanini before and after comparison

Before: Before image of 134 Grove Road After : After image image of 134 Grove Road

Great South Road, Manukau before and after comparison

Before After

Who will use the Takaanini Frequent Transit Network (FTN) Route?

Harry O’Brien-Brown is a dad from Totara Park working as a Logistics Manager in Drury (by 2048, the Drury area will be one of the largest logistics/warehousing areas in NZ).

Harry will use the Takaanini FTN bus route to Papakura and hop on the train or bus to Drury because it’s so convenient.

He works long hours, but there’ll be a bus frequently during the work day, and regularly outside these hours. Harry rides his bike to and from the bus. He has time on his commute to catch up on emails and be ready for his day ahead.

Yìzé Wu is a Sustainability Specialist from Takaanini working in the Auckland Airport Precinct.

He uses the Takaanini-FTN bus route and transfers to the A2B Rapid Transit Network at Manukau Station, which takes him straight to the airport. He uses it because it’s fast and convenient but also because it’s the most sustainable way of commuting to and from work.

He has even invested in an electric scooter as it is the most quick and economic way to and from home to the bus stop.


Takaanini FTN Route - Manurewa Station to Papakura Station

Rail Corridor

Future Urban Area

Train stations