Drury-Paerata Link and State Highway 22 Connection

South Auckland is already growing fast, and over the next 30 years, an additional 120,000 people are expected to live in future communities in Takaanini, Ōpāheke, Drury, Paerata, and Pukekohe.

By 2050 there will be over 65,000 people living in Pukekohe, Paerata area, with an expected 12,500 new homes and 5000 new jobs.

We're planning for this growth now by protecting land for modern, integrated, safe, and sustainable transport networks that will better connect communities whether they’re walking, cycling, using public transport, or driving.

Drury-Paerata Link (part of the new Pukekohe strategic road network)

The Drury-Paerata Link is a road providing a connection between the future communities in Drury and Paerata. The new road provides regional connectivity between Drury West and Paerata growth areas, reducing travel on existing rural roads.

Reasons the preferred option is favoured include:

  • It is located closer to the rail corridor, reducing landscape and visual impacts.
  • It has less impact on rural land and areas of highly productive soil.
  • It has reduced impact on ecological features such as streams and wetlands and known bat locations.

State Highway 22 Connection (part of the new Pukekohe strategic connections)

This is a road between the new Drury-Paerata Link and SH22. This two-lane connection with walking and cycling includes the addition of a new section of road and an upgrade of Sim Road.

The new SH22 Connection will provide greater access, particularly for freight, to and from the rural areas of Paerata and Pukekohe onto SH1. It will also improve access for trips north and south of SH22.

Reasons the preferred option is favoured include:

  • It provides a significant improvement to the resilience of the transport network.
  • The connection to the Drury-Paerata Link and South Drury Connection provides an alternative to SH22 for motorists moving to and from the west. This will reduce congestion in the future town centre and residential development in Drury West.
  • It provides improved access between Paerata and Drury West future urban areas.
  • It provides access benefits for the existing Paerata Rise connection at Sim Road.
  • It uses an existing road (with the upgrade of Sim Road) to reduce impacts to property.

What are we proposing?

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State Highway 22 Connection

Drury-Paerata Link

Future Urban Zone