Drury West Arterial and South Drury Connection

Drury West Arterial

The Drury West Arterial is a new road extending south from the new Drury West train station at the intersection of SH22 and Jesmond Road and connecting with the proposed Drury South Interchange at Great South Road and SH1. It provides a direct connection to the new train station at Drury West and connects with existing roads.

The route will provide future communities with greater travel choice in areas of growth including public transport, walking, cycling, and driving.

Reasons the preferred option is favoured include:

  • It serves a larger proposed future residential catchment area on both sides of the road within the Drury West area.
  • It will require fewer full property acquisitions.
  • It has reduced impacts on streams and is in a smaller area of flood plain.
  • The route follows the natural contours (topography) of the area, meaning there will be reduced earthworks and landscape and visual impacts.

South Drury Connection (part of the new Pukekohe strategic connections)

This is a new road connection from the proposed Drury South interchange at SH1 and along the southern extent of the future urban zone in Drury. It would connect with the Drury to Paerata Link at the western extent.

This new connection will reduce congestion and delays caused by traffic resulting from future urban growth in north Pukekohe and Paerata and provide an alternative route to SH22.

Reasons the preferred option is favoured include:

  • It provides good integration with future urban zones (assuming the road is on the edge of future urban zones).
  • The preferred route has better integration with walking, cycling and public transport.
  • An opportunity to help separate residential development from large powerlines.
  • There would be limited impact on the character and amenity of the future urban environment and has less impact on developable land.
  • It requires minimal loss of vegetation.

What might the Drury West Arterial and South Drury Connection look like?

What are we proposing?

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Future train station

Future interchange (not in the scope of Te Tupu Ngātahi)

North Island Main Trunk (existing rail line)

Drury West Arterial

South Drury Connection

Future Urban Zone